In worship, God is the center, and we gather to bring our best gifts to offer to the One who created us, claimed us and calls us by name.

Worship is not just about getting our needs met, it is, rather about us as a community encountering the risen Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit being transformed for service in and for the world.  Worship at its best reflects the cultural diversity of our community, and encourages us through song and movement to embrace our global neighbor.  Faithful worship is multi-cultural, engaging, a robust expression of the love of God for the beloved creation and creatures.

Faithful worship is experiential, engaging all the senses. It is a somatic experience that involves not just the head, and the heart, but a fully embodied experience as well.  Faithful worship honors tradition and yet must provide relevance to our daily lives.  Faithful worship for us as is sacramental and encourages deep connections between us and God.  Those connections must be horizontal as well as vertical, and we share with each other and the larger community the relatedness that flows from God.

Holy Communion
Sundays at 10:00 AM 

Nursery Provided

Holy Communion and Healing Prayer
First Wednesday of the Month at Noon

Faith Formation for all Ages
Sundays at 8:45 AM (September through May 17)
Nursery Provided

Communion is celebrated every Sunday, and the first Wednesday of every month at noon. We practice “open communion”, which means that all baptized Christians who believe that Christ is present in the sacrament are welcome to receive the bread and wine. We also offer gluten-free wafers and grape juice for those who desire them. Children who are not yet communing are invited to come with their family to receive a blessing.



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