Spotlight On: Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee probably has the easiest time in explaining what the mission and purpose is of
its committee. We promote and encourage the church and its members to reach outside of our own walls
and share the love of Christ. So, a formal definition is:

Outreach Committee Purpose: To encourage support of and involvement in ministries of care and service in the community and the wider church. It shall guide the congregation’s financial support of agencies and ministries and promote the awareness of relevant social issues in the congregation.

In many ways this should be one of our primary goals as a Christian. So how can each and every member be involved in this committee and its purpose? We have a number of Ministry teams under this committee where everyone can contribute. Of course, everyone’s prayers for this work at Epiphany will go a long way.

The ministry teams currently consist of:

Epiphany Builders – This is a very visible team of men and women who work locally, statewide, and beyond to assist people and groups with physical building and construction projects. These  are projects anywhere from fixing a member’s deck, repairing an elderly person’s bathroom, to assisting in the construction of a whole house in West Virginia. This team promotes camaraderie and  fellowship as well as a place to learn new skills.

Campus Ministry – This group works with our local Wake Forest students in assisting them with an evening meal periodically and promoting a Bible study and attendance at our service.

Backpack Ministry – Epiphany is in partnership with Ibraham Elementary school to supply food to 80 students on the weekends. This involves the packing and delivery of food bags to the  school on a weekly basis.

Food Pantry – In addition to the Backpack ministry, Epiphany staffs and maintains a food ‘store’ at Ibraham school that families can come to and shop for free groceries on a weekly basis. The food is donated from a local Food Lion as well as some that is purchased from the Second Harvest Food Bank in Winston-Salem. There are opportunities to pick up the food or manage the ‘store’.

El Buen Pastor – This is a group in Winston-Salem that assists the Latino community with tutoring and other activities for all ages. We have supported them financially in the past but are looking for ways to expand this ministry.

Food Bags – Epiphany maintains a number of ‘bags’ of food that are distributed to people in need. This is an easy way to be involved in helping our community by just buying a bag of food and giving it to the office. There are recommended items to buy.

Samaritan Inn Ministries – Epiphany will yearly volunteer at the shelter to prepare meals for the homeless and staff the front desk. This is normally one overnight event. We would love to expand this to either additional nights or to other local shelters.

We hope that everyone will support this committee in ways (both financially and physically) that express the love of Epiphany and the love of Christ in our community.

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