Spotlight On: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Epiphany Lutheran Church includes the Pastor (Pastor Russell), and the four officers of the congregation — President (Joe Middleton), Vice President (Julianne Golden), Secretary (Chris Shultz), and Treasurer (Marc  Shideler).

The purpose of the Executive Committee, as stated in the Constitution and Bylaws, is as follows:

“To guide the work of the Congregation Council, plan the agenda for Council meetings and retreats, and support the ministry of the congregation’s pastor(s) and staff.”

The Executive Committee meets monthly during the year, typically a week before each council meeting, and reports on its work to the Congregation Council.

There are three standing Ministry Teams which work under the umbrella of the Executive Committee: Strategic Planning, Constitution and Bylaws, and Mutual Ministry. This spring there has been a fourth team, the Pennington-Pensby Properties Planning ministry team.

The Strategic Planning Ministry Team has not been functioning for a few years. However, the Congregation Council this year identified as one of its priorities for the year to “recommend a process for developing a long-term strategic plan for Epiphany.” This preliminary work has been completed, and the Executive Committee is now working on assembling a Strategic Planning Ministry Team. We expect the team to begin its work by this summer. Its purpose will be to develop and establish the long-range (i.e. more than one year in advance) goals and objectives of Epiphany Lutheran, consistent with its defined mission. This team is focused on planning, as opposed to implementation, which is the responsibility of the Congregation Council, committees, and their respective ministry teams.  However, the team will work with all committees to further develop goals and objectives, and to develop strategies for implementing and achieving the long-term goals and objectives.

The Constitution and Bylaws Ministry Team, when requested by the Congregation Council, the NC Synod, or the ELCA, is responsible for drafting, and guiding the adoption, revision, and implementation of the Constitution and Bylaws of the congregation. Their diligent work resulted in the updated Constitution and Bylaws which was adopted by the congregation at our January, 2018, annual meeting. Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws may be required by policy changes by the NC Synod or the ELCA, or may be appropriate in order to meet the organizational needs and objectives of the congregation. This team also assists the officers, Council, and congregation with questions of interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws. Another responsibility of this ministry team is the maintenance of the Parish Manual, which includes descriptions of all committees and ministry teams, and policies and guidelines for the work of the congregation which have been established to support our ministries. Chairing this ministry team is Karl Florian.

The Mutual Ministry Team serves as a liaison between the pastor, staff, Executive Committee, Council, and congregation. The team provides personal and confidential support and consultation to the pastor, including sharing with the pastor the expectations of the congregation. They also act when needed in conflict resolution, and strive to resolve misunderstandings within the congregation, serving as agents of reconciliation. The Mutual Ministry Team also provides oversight and management of the Epiphany Family Emergency Fund, which is used to assist Epiphany members who are experiencing short-term financial problems. Jim Pierson is chair of this ministry team.

The Pennington-Pensby Properties Planning Ministry Team was created at the end of February, 2018, and the team has been working since then to develop a comprehensive plan for the ongoing management and/or disposition of the two rental houses owned by the congregation, adjacent to the church property, one each on Pennington Lane and Pensby Road. The plan submitted back to the Executive Committee will be forward-looking, with its recommendations grounded in the ministry and mission of Epiphany. As of this writing, the work of the team has not been completed. When it is, after review by the Executive Committee, the plan will be presented to the Congregation Council, and ultimately submitted to the congregation for adoption. The work of this team will then be complete.  Team members are Dan Brock, Schuyler Darstein, Kathy Knecht, Scott Lichtenhan, and Karl Florian.

If  you want to know more about the work of any of these teams, or participate or support the work of a team, speak to the chair or any member of the team! Each of these teams is working to serve the congregation, and to support the ministry of Epiphany.

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