Eucharistic Ministry

Distributing Communion to the Sick and Homebound

Our Eucharistic Ministers are lay people from our congregation who provide communion for members of our congregation who are unable to attend worship. During the week following our worship services, Eucharistic Ministers distribute the elements of bread and wine to the ill or homebound.

Communion is delivered wherever the individual’s reside. This currently includes homes, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities. This process maintains a strong connection between our church and those who are unable to attend our worship services. Our current Eucharistic Ministers find that this ministry enriches their own spiritual life and they feel that it allows them to serve our Lord by serving His people.

To receive Holy Communion or information about becoming a Eucharistic Minister, contact either our church office or one of the Eucharistic Ministers.  Eucharistic Ministers usually serve about once a month.  Members usually receive communion about every 5-6 weeks or as requested.

Current Eucharist Ministers:

  • Margaret Brock
  • Kay Conrad
  • Larry Grush
  • Jim Henricks
  • Elizabeth Horton
  • Jeanie Saphar
  • Kathleen Tucker
  • Denise White

Blessing of the Eucharist Ministers is the First Sunday of Each Month

Schedule for Eucharist Ministers

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