Council Update (September )

The new school year has begun and we look forward to Rally Day when Encounter:Faith kicks off for 2018-2019 with offerings for all. July 9th is not only Rally Day but Gods Work, Our Hands Sunday. We look forward to adding Epiphany hands to this awesome ELCA-wide event this year. There will be many opportunities to serve on Saturday as well as Sunday. If you have not yet signed up your hands, go to as soon as possible or speak with Kathy Pressley.


The Congregation Council Nominating Committee begins its work in September. Members of the committee are Zach Baker, Clarence Peoples, and Matt Imboden and current Council members Julianne Golden, Marc Shideler, and Chris Schultz whose terms will end in December. The Congregation Council does many things, but its preeminent function is to encourage and enable the ministry of each parishioner as well as the larger groups within the congregation. Is the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit whispering to you about becoming a servant-leader? If so, please speak to one of the members of the Nominating Committee. There will also be the opportunity to submit names of people you think would bring great gifts to the Congregation Council. Please be thinking about the special opportunity of serving on the Congregation Council. The actual election by the congregation will take place on Sunday, October 21st.


Council Members are always happy to receive your input. If you are interested in participating in an existing Epiphany ministry or would like to start serving in a new or unique way, a Congregation Council member can help in getting you connected. Council members are listed on the back cover of the Star. There is always a Council representative in the Narthex after worship each Sunday.  Alongside you, we strive to be the Body of Christ in the world.


Schuyler Darstein

on behalf of the Congregational Council

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