Council Update (November)

This is such an exciting time at our church. We have so many things going on. Be sure to read the monthly and weekly STAR announcements. You do not want to miss any of the opportunities to participate with your Epiphany family!


In October, we welcomed new members, elected new council members, confirmed four of our youth. Members of our congregation participated in the CROP walk, celebrated Trunk-or-Treat with families of EECC and worked at Lutheridge – just to name a few. With the aftermath of Hurricanes Florence and Michael, our church has more opportunities to serve and love our neighbors. The Threads of Love team has been busy making prayer shawls for hurricane victims. We are blessed to have so many Epiphany members who are talented and generous with their time and their talents.


November is the month that we prepare for next year’s budget. Committees have been meeting to prepare for the Budget Summit. We will have our Intent to Give (Stewardship Commitment) Sunday on November 18th.  And, of course, we have Thanksgiving. Our congregation has many things to be thankful for – mostly for each other. We are blessed to have a loving Epiphany family.  


We thank you for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the council members with comments, concerns, or suggestions. We always have a representative standing near the library after the church service.



Epiphany Church Council

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