Council Update (August)

As July comes to a close, we have finally concluded our long journey to finding a Pastor, with the installation of Pastor Russell. We are truly blessed to have found a leader who is embracing his new role with enthusiasm and compassion. If you haven’t had an opportunity to speak with him, please take time to get to know him.

The Nominating Committee is beginning its work of finding willing voting congregation members who would like to participate on the Congregational Council. This is a very important job to help lead Epiphany in its mission and goals and finances. Everyone has special gifts that can benefit the Council, but fortunately, there is not a specific list. It does not take a large amount of time to participate, but you must be willing to attend a monthly council meeting, commit to a three-year term, and provide input to help make decisions about operations of the church. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old or somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter if you are a new member or longtime member or somewhere in between. Consider it and if you are interested, please talk to a member of the nominating committee. Just about anyone can be a great asset to the Congregational Council.

Many activities are on the agenda for the coming months. Find something you are interested in and get involved and have fun. Don’t forget to get your yellow shirt for God’s Work Our Hands!

God’s Peace,

Your Congregational Council


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